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calendarIntegrated Climate LLC provides installation, service, and maintenance of all mechanical and electrical parts of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, both commercial and residential. The company identifies the protection of the environment as one of its highest priorities. Therefore, Integrated Climate is committed to use products that leave the least footprints on the global environment. The company also requires all technicians working on stationary air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to be Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified. As a result of this corporate objective, Integrated Climate is affiliated with Fujitsu General Group which "participates in the RoHS Directive, which is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment" (Fujitsu General America, Inc., 2003-2010). Fujitsu General is a leader in environmental education, conservation, and sustainability, selling and distributing only ecologically conscious products to its customers.

Integrated Climate LLC mission is to become a company that the surrounding communities could depend on in all their HVAC comfort needs, with full customer satisfaction accomplished through environmentally sound innovation, quality installations and repairs, and prompt professional service that reminds the customers of the good old days when quality service mattered and the prices were fair. The company pledges to provide a great place to work for the employees, encouraging clear, concise, positive and cooperative thinking, working toward common goals, and helping employees excel and succeed in delivering a positive experience to customers based on clear and cooperative thinking of all team members.

Integrated Climate will become the leading HVAC company in the Metro New York and New Jersey areas, committed to service these communities with excellence and integrity to the highest potential, personally and professionally. The company will be respected based on its professionalism, quality of services it provides, innovative abilities, and the public trust it earns. The company will be well regarded and feared by its competitors possessing the best-trained, knowledgeable, and proficient employees.

Integrated Climate LLC will strive to provide the stress free, friendly, and warm work environment. The company will not tolerate unethical or immoral behavior, sub-grouping, or poor attitudes. Mutual respect and support for one another, humor, politeness, and common courtesy to each employee will be encouraged and promoted as standard behavior.

Integrated Climate LLC will set the benchmark for other HVAC companies as related to operational excellence with a zero defect standard, industry-leading customer satisfaction, and superior financial performance. Lowering overall overhead and minimizing the waste of materials and supplies will ensure company's profitability.

The following are core values that were developed, agreed upon, and implemented by the Integrated Climate team to accomplish its mission:

  • Honesty, integrity, dignity, and fairness
  • Loyalty to customers and employees
  • Maintain positive attitude
  • Manage and possibly exceed client expectations
  • Accept challenges as opportunities to learn
  • Seek innovative solutions
  • Communicate openly and effectively
  • Safety first
  • Recognize the potential in every employee and help them achieve their dreams
  • Promote teamwork, diversity, and inclusion

As a service business we take our customers' feedback very seriously. making it our a top priority and building upon it. One thing that sets Integrated Climate apart from our competitors and makes us unique is our eagerness to resolve our customer's heating- and AC-related issue immediately after receiving a call. If you have ever done business with Integrated Climate, please email us at IntegratedClimate@gmail.com to leave a review. If not, check out what some inserts from our customers:

"Thanks for the awesome customer service and for carrying the installation of the split system so smoothly and professionally, from the first call I made by phone to the last step of the way. It's good to know there are still folks out there who value quality and service while offering reasonable prices."
Gregory B., NJ
Residential Customer
"Integrated Climate has serviced the heating and air conditioning systems at our home for years. Always prompt, professional, efficient, friendly, and very patient when answering our questions. The company's technicians are trained to properly assess your individual situation and provide a recommendation based upon your home's need. They really want you to be happy with the choices and selections you make, and they look at the whole picture, not just one part of it. Absolutely satisfied. Will recommend to all my friends."
Rosa R., NY
Residential Customer

For customer's convenience Integrated Climate is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. Customers could access the business via phone, fax, the Internet, and even text messaging. Referral Reward bonuses and promotional coupons are available on the company's web site. Even though the company's headquarters are located on the New Jersey side of Hudson River, it takes only seven minutes to get to New York City.

When it comes to a project, the company offers a Single Point of Contact option, which means that a dedicated project manager would facilitate upstream and downstream communication between a client, a company, and a team. First, the manager will work closely with customer to fully understand the project requirements and goals, followed by planning and implementation of project activities, communication of goals, assigning roles and responsibilities to team members, and providing necessary equipment. The manager will develop detailed project plans, including drawings of equipment layout, based on the scope of work, performance specifications, deliverables, and customer requirements.

During the final phase Integrated Climate will perform final acceptance inspection to confirm that documentation has been completed and project items are cleared and ready for submittal. To ensure customer satisfaction and to verify the project completeness, Integrated Climate will issue a Certificate of Completion for each phase of the project to be signed by the customer.



736 West End Ave
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736 West End Ave
Cliffside Park
New Jersey 07010

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